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Your manuscript is a precious thing that needs to be nurturedBuild-a-business-graphic

Filament Publishing is part of a new generation of publishers who are breaking free from the old 19th Century model of publishing and replacing it with innovative business models that reflect the needs of today’s authors.

The marketplace has changed

People are buying more books than ever before but in different ways and in different formats.  Authors need to be fluent is a whole range of new skills to enable them to be quickly discovered by potential customers from around the world.  Authors also need to be in the driving seat of their business, and know which routes to market are going to be the most profitable.  We help you to develop those skills to enable you to become a self-sufficient and profitable business based around your knowledge.

Where we make a difference

Filament’s core service is based around a 90 day intense step-by-step programme of hands-on project management, author mentoring, promotional, technical and creative support and advice to help you to take your book from manuscript to being successfully published worldwide.   We do far more than help you publish your book – we help you to become a true Author-preneur.

 Track record

For the past 16 years we have helped our authors distribute their books worldwide; be found in the High Street book shops as well as online; be translated into other languages, and be published in all electronic and audio formats.  You have far more choices and routes to market then you might realise! Don’t be fooled into thinking there is only one choice!

 For us it’s personal!

We believe in a true partnership between the author and the publisher, with each playing to their strengths and working on the philosophy that we can achieve positive outcomes by working together that neither could achieve working alone.

 A book is not just for Christmas…

…it is for life! Our work doesn’t stop once the book is published, we work with you to develop your market, your following, and help build your profile. All the time your book is in print, we are here to support you.

Give yourself the Filament Advantage!