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Corporate Identity and Branding, graphic design, editorial services, signage and point of sale, annual reports, company magazines, employee newsletters, in-house video training, production demonstration videos, web sites and ecommerce,  email marketing and list management, social media management.   

Filament Chrisitian Publishing, Religious Books, Audio and Video product production  

Turning your knowledge into income by Chris Day the foubnder of Filament Publishing Ltd








Need to know how to get published and turn your knowledge into income? Chris Day has the answers. Click here to buy the book


Filament Publishing is very proud to announce the launch of Dee Blick's new book, 'The Ultimate Guide to Writing and Marketing a Bestselling Book - on a shoestring budget'. Dee is more than an author, she is a phenomenon, and her books are making an impact worldwide, as course material for universities in the USA and the UK and distributed across China in Chinese. This book is the most comprehensive on its subject worldwide and, at a time of great change in publishing, will help many authors achieve their full potential. Well done Dee on your amazing success!

Traditional 'No cost' Publishing

We are open to receiving submissions from non-fiction authors who have been previously published, have a track record of sales and have an established following.  We publish a limited number of titles each year where we take on all the risk and publish at no cost to the author. MORE

Partnership Publishing

For new non-fiction authors coming to market for the first time, we offer a far less risky alternative to self publishing where both author and publisher work together, both playing to their individual strengths. Partnership Publishing keeps the author in control of their project and gives them the best possible help and support from an experienced publisher. MORE

Literary Agency and Representation

For books that meet the exacting criteria of the major international publishing houses, we can provide a direct route for our authors to have the representation of a Literary Agent at Book Fairs around the world.  MORE

Pic'n'Mix Publishing

For authors who prefer to completely Self Publish but need help with specific services, we offer a simple pay-as-you-go service for just those things that they need help with.  MORE 

 Are you ready to get started with your publishing project?  Click here! 




 Are you ready to get started as a Filament Author? Click here!

Filament Author's Project Management System

Access your project worldwide and monitor the progress of each stage. Keep all your files in one place and link directly with your creative and production team. Monitor your worldwide sales and royalties from all media



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